Drug Testing Confirmation with MRO Package. All mailing and form included - CWMT-1201 / CWMT1201

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Confirmation with MRO Chain of Custody Package

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Confirmation with MRO Chain of Custody Package | CWMT-1201 | 4 Sets

Chain of Custody Confirmation and MRO Packages for Employee Drug Testing Kits.

Retail Price: $14.99
Your Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $11.50


Product Code:

CWMT-1201 / CWMT1201






Product Description

This package contains all necessary supplies to ship 4 specimen collection containers for Confirmation with MRO Testing to our SAMHSA certified laboratory.

Each package contains:

  • 4 baggies with absorbent
  • 4 Chain of Custody (CoC) 3-Part Forms
  • 1 sturdy box fitting up to 4 specimen collection containers
  • 1 FedEx Clinical Mailing Pouch
  • 1 Pre-Printed, Pre-Paid Mailing Label


Note: Every box of Drug Testing Kits ordered with Confirmation with MRO Services contains free of charge: 4 baggies with absorbent, 4 Chain of Custody (CoC) forms, 1 sturdy box, 1 FedEx Clinical Mailing pouch, and 1 Pre-Printed, Pre-Paid Mailing Label. Be advised you may also receive free boxes and clinical mailing pouches directly from FedEx.

Confirmation Specimen Mailing Instructions:

  • 1 Chain of Custody (CoC) form is completely filled out per specimen collected.
  • 1 Specimen Cup is placed with 1 baggy with absorbent.
  • Specimens within baggies are placed within a box. Up to 4 specimens can be included in each box.
  • The box is placed within the FedEx Clinical Mailer.
  • The original top copy of the Chain of Custody (CoC) Form is placed on top of the box within the Clinical mailer for every specimen included in the mailing.
  • The mailer is sealed and the pre-paid mailing label is placed on the pouch in the proper location.
  • The package can either be dropped off or picked up for FedEx mailing.


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