iScreen OFD Photocopy Template for their Drug Testing and Screening Kits - 2410

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Photocopy Template for iScreen OFD Employee s - 2410

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Photocopy Template for iScreen OFD Employee Drug Test Kits - 2410

Photocopy Template for iScreen OFD Employee Drug Testing Kits.

Retail Price: $30.00
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Product Code:

2410 / 2410


Product Description

The photocopy template for the iScreen OFD Drug Testing Kit allows you to maintain a visual record by copying the employee test results directly into a result form. Sold in single units.

Note: One template is free per box order.

Manufacturer: Alere Toxicology (formerly Instant Technologies, Inc.) is a leading developer and distributor of rapid test devices that include drug and alcohol testing. Instant Technologies' products are engineered to combine ease of use with accuracy and rapid initial results. A wide variety of screening devices are provided that are easily administered at your workplace, clinic or other location.


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