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iControl Negative Drops Addon 19470000

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iControl Negative Drops Drug Test Kit Addon 19470000

iControls external drug control negative (5ml).

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19470000 / 19470000






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Product Description

Monitor work place employee drug testing, pre-employment drug screening as well as demonstrate drug test results with as little as 5 ml of urine. Comes in convenient liquid solution in 5 ml bottle, allowing quick calibration and validation of employee drug test performance and expected results. The external Quality Control is designed to work with all employment drug tests. Positive drug test controls also available. Employee drug test add-ons are stable to expiration date when stored in temperature-controlled environment, refrigeration required.

Manufacturer: Alere Toxicology (formerly Instant Technologies, Inc.) is a leading developer and distributor of rapid test devices that include drug and alcohol testing. Instant Technologies' products are engineered to combine ease of use with accuracy and rapid initial results. A wide variety of screening devices are provided that are easily administered at your workplace, clinic or other location.


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