Advanced Alcohol Urine Testing

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Glossary: Advanced Alcohol Urine Testing

Glossary: Advanced Alcohol Urine Testing

Advanced alcohol urine testing can be performed using a Laboratory EtG alcohol test. An EtG alcohol urine test can determine only if any alcohol was consumed within the past 80 hours, it cannot determine the quantity of alcohol consumed or provide a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC). We do offer this form of advanced urine alcohol testing through both our Onsite (Collect and Send) and Offsite (Collection Facility) services. Advanced alcohol urine testing is also more intrusive compared to an instant advanced saliva or breath alcohol testing kit, but can provide readings up to 80 hours after an incident. Please view our Instant Advanced Alcohol Testing Kits. Please contact us for Onsite Advanced Alcohol Urine Testing or Offsite Advanced Alcohol Urine Testing.


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