Forensic Use Only

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Glossary: For Forensic Use Only

For Forensic Use Only
For Criminal Justice Use Only

The term "For Forensic Use Only" and "For Criminal Justice Use Only" means that these drug testing devices or supplies are not FDA 510k Cleared.

This means that these tests are restricted for sale except to those companies or agencies associated with the Criminal Justice System in the United States of America. These agencies include, but are not limited to, all law enforcement, correction, probation, courts, jails, government agencies such as the Coast Guard, DOD, Navy, Air force, Army and Marines.

Many manufacturers obtain FDA 510k clearance to insure consumer security. FDA 510k Clearance certifies that the employee drug testing device passes FDA standards.

The following drug testing kits are 510k cleared:

For additional product security, all our drug and alcohol testing kits are shipped from a FDA 510k Cleared and ISO Certified Shipping and Storage Facility.

Be sure to be legal: FDA 510k Clearance alone does not guarantee legal protection. In the case of a positive test result with any instant drug testing devices, we strongly recommend that you verify the results by using our SAMHSA Laboratory Confirmation Testing service. Furthermore, ensure that you follow the Chain of Custody procedures properly.

Please also review our policies regarding the purchase of products that are For Forensic Use Only" and "For Criminal Justice Use Only"


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